Ways to Organise Your Life

September 16, 2016

As you may know, we know a thing or two about being organised, after all, we are a countdown app. So we wanted to share our best ways to get organised for your life.

Firstly we have to mention it because it’s our app, is use the app for your social life or work life. If you find yourself being late for meetings or constantly forgetting that social thing you had planned for ages. Add events from your smartphone calendar, or simply add new events from the app itself. If you know you only need reminding on the day of the event, then change a number of reminders you get from the app about that event. If you timeline is filled with events then make sure every countdown has a picture attached to it.

If that isn’t simply enough then let’s start with a few basics that you could apply on a monthly basis, or weekly if you are keen. If you find yourself buried in a sea of your own things then maybe start by decluttering your house or bedroom. Nothing feels better than a clean room where you can just empty all the mess from your room. What can be useful if you tend to have a lot of things on a table is getting some boxes, it neatens up surfaces and makes for the more aesthetically pleasing room? If your desk in your bedroom is a mess then tidy it up or get some drawer organisers. If you live in a smaller space then make use of the hidden capabilities of your wardrobe doors. You could hang organisers from then so that you can find those loose small garments or keep belts stored away. Once you do these things it is best to repeat after every month or weekly, depending on how much of mess you tend to make.

If you live in a house with a big kitchen or small kitchen, it could be really good to have a declutter. Throw out all the things you don’t need because who needs around 100 boxes of Tupperware, a couple has to of had a crack in it at some point. What’s really helpful is just putting some food items into jars that you can tightly seal, put the name of what is inside and the best before the date on top. Kind of helpful so it actually fits neatly, as most packaging is bulky and makes for bad storage. Consider taking a trip to your local homeware store to get a few storage items that could declutter your kitchen cupboards. What is suggested really is have a good clear out of your kitchen maybe every 5 months and you will not think your kitchen is too small for all your things. Even better make a note of a reminder in the app for when you want to do this, so you don’t forget.

Hope this helps you gain some ideas on how to organise your life, we hope it gave you a push in the right direction. Let us know what you have on your timeline by using #countdownplus