Top 4 Cheap Ideas for your dorm room

February 3, 2017

So many of you will be back to University/College for 2017, and some of you may be looking for cheap ways to liven up your dorm room/university room. So we complied 4 of our favourite ideas we found on the web.

Storage Boxes

If you weren’t the best at having a tidy room before, then maybe invest in some storage boxes. Plastic coloured ones are usually the best to hide under the bed or to add to your room. They are also a great way to tidy up anything you may have from festive period.

Fairy Lights

Nearly every pin we saw on Pinterest had a picture with a set of fairy lights. You can buy them from nearly anywhere, and the plus side they can be cheap. If you have a headboard for your bed, then you can wind it around the frame of the headboard. Or alternatively, if you have a book case on the wall hang it from there. You could buy some sticky clips to use so the lights stay up.

Wall Tapestry

This seems very popular on Pinterest to, so if you want an Instagram room then this may add some colour to your room. Since hanging wall art on the wall can get you into trouble. Why not grab some cheap wall art, have a look around a few sites to find something you like, which will add colour to your plain dorm room/university room.


Add some more colour to your room with a gorgeous rug. You don’t have to buy the most expensive rug on the market. There are some great options in homeware stores and you can add some colour and your own style to your room.

We hope these 4 ideas gave you some idea on what to do for your dorm room.