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User Inspired Twitter Events 2018

It’s been a while since we chose some countdowns from Twitter. A lot of you have been posting a few notifications and timelines of your events. We really do enjoy seeing your countdowns and talking about them. Read on to find out more. If you are not familiar with our user inspired posts then here […]Read full article

User Inspired 2018 Instagram Holidays

We really enjoy writing these user inspired posts and for this post, you will see two Instagram posts from our users. Read on to find out who is in this week’s post. If you are not familiar with our user inspired posts then here is a little catch up on what happens in these posts. […]Read full article

Profile Header

This blog tutorial will explain the new profile header adjustments. This is for IOS only. In Version 4.1 you can now get rid of the profile header screen. It was a hugely requested feature since Version 4.0 came out. It is super simple to get rid of and we wanted to show you some extra […]Read full article

Best Tips for Disneyland Paris ✨🏰✨

It’s been some time since we did any Disneyland related blog posts, so we wanted to share some of the best tips for Disneyland Paris. We will split this into sections to read the parts you feel will help you out the most. Weather So unlike in Florida where it is always sunny and barely […]Read full article

Themes and Styling

This blog tutorial will show you the new editing tools when adding images to an event. This is for Ios only. When adding events or editing events, you can add images, but on Version 3.0, editing was rather laborious. Now we have neatened up the editing process for your countdowns. So let’s start with an […]Read full article

Tips for Universal Studios Orlando

So here at Countdownplus we love writing about Universal Orlando and Disneyland on our blog. There might be a few things you don’t know about Universal Orlando so we wanted to compile some of the best tips we have come across on the internet. Shuttle Bus and Express Passes So if you know all about […]Read full article

How to use C+ to revise for exams

Last week we talked about how you could use Countdownplus for work but this week it is all about how to use the app for exams. Exam season is already in full swing here in the UK and some of you may or may not still be revising in between exams. We have some tips below […]Read full article

How you can use C+ for work

Countdownplus can be a great tool to use for not only your personal life but for work. We want to highlight some of our amazing features to help you with your work life. Calendar A lot of time you will get meetings sent to you via your work email address, so our phone calendars get […]Read full article

Top 5 ways to stay organised in 2017

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a lovely New Years. January is usually a time to reflect and think about the year ahead of us. Many of you may have set yourself some new year’s resolutions which we hope will last. Maybe one of them was to […]Read full article

Ways to Organise Your Life

As you may know, we know a thing or two about being organised, after all, we are a countdown app. So we wanted to share our best ways to get organised for your life. Firstly we have to mention it because it’s our app, is use the app for your social life or work life. […]Read full article

Back to school must haves

School is close approaching for some of you or some of you might already have gone back to school. Which is kind of crappy but, there is nothing like a good must have the blog post? We wanted to share our back to school must-haves with you. A new term and you will be inundated […]Read full article

Uni Organisation

So we have done a how to stay organised for work post and Best way to stay organised for school (at home and school). This time we know exam season is here, and some of you will be doing some exams at uni. We want to help you get organised for your uni exams. Keeping […]Read full article

Travel Essentials

If you are a frequent traveller or just a casual traveller, then you might have at some point thought you forgot something on your travels, or just needed some help on what to do. Then here are our tips on what to pack and how to essentially pack like a pro. One thing is to […]Read full article

How to use the app to its fullest potential?

You might have wondered how do I make the most out of my countdowns on the countdownplus well here we are with some advice on how to do that. You may have just started to book a bunch of holidays and got some tickets to your favourite artist in concert. So now it is time […]Read full article

How to stay organized.

2015 is soon coming to an end and what better resolution could there be than to get more organized! We have some brilliant tips for you to get organized and concentrate on making sure you make the most out the new year. Tidy space Tidy mind. The cleaner the space is around you the less […]Read full article