How to throw an awesome Halloween Party

October 14, 2016

Halloween is swiftly approaching and I am sure you will either be hosting or going to Halloween themed parties. So we wanted to share with you, our ideas on how to throw an awesome Halloween party.

First up, you need to organise things. So why not use the app to load in what parties you are going to, or when your party is. It can be useful to also share countdowns with friends and get them following the same events. So now that you are set and organised for Halloween, let’s move onto the main parts for creating an awesome party.

Food is a must at a party, the same old food just does not do it. So why not create really simple Halloween themed food. A popular find on Pinterest is Rice Krispies treats, you could shape them into a Pumpkin and use orange food dye to turn them orange. Or you could make some spooky monsters, and use icing sugar to coat the top of the treat. If you feeling a little lazy then why not find some Gingerbread cookies, and get creative and ice them into monsters, or skeletons. If you want to make something in a larger batch, then why not try a Graveyard brownie scene, try looking for Halloween themed biscuits and see what you can create with it. Maybe get some Halloween sweets to cover the graveyard. So now that’s most of the food sorted, let’s think about more savoury items. Grab some frozen mini pizzas, and buy a few extra toppings, so get some pepperoni which you can use as eyes, or you can use peppers and maybe try using some cheese. Create a bunch a cute Halloween themed pizzas and they will go down a treat. Why not go the extra mile and also theme some burgers, you could either decorate the buns or decorate the cheese by using a cookie cutter to cut out the cheese in shapes.

Decorations make a party come to life, and most of the time sorting them out can be simple. Let’s start with the simple ideas first, why not use some old tin cans from your recycling box and turn them into spooky characters. Use paint to cover the entirety of the can, then either paint on facial features or add some card on top for a more 3D look. Cheap things you could get are candles, either get themed ones or just large chunky candles, you could place on tables where the food is laid out or along the pavement to your house. Fairy lights are always easy to get hold of, you could hang them on the ceiling of each room, we would recommend getting the battery powered lights as you don’t have to worry about cables everywhere. Halloween themed bunting is always good for any part of the room; you could put some on the mantelpiece. Pumpkins from the supermarket or fake ones can always be painted. You could paint either face or just stick to a pattern. Great way to fill the room up with more decoration.

Games are a great way to get everyone involved. You could use the tin can you painted and get some tennis balls and throw them at them, and you could give out candy if you knock them off. You could create mystery boxes and people have to write down what they thought was inside the box. Whoever gets it right could win a prize. It’s technically a game, but you could print out free Halloween props, or find some at your local craft store. Then set you a photo booth area where your guests can take pictures.

So that’s it for how you could throw an awesome Halloween Party, post your Halloween countdowns using the #Countdownplus. We look forward to seeing your countdowns.

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Source: Bridget Patterson on Flickr