How to throw an awesome baby shower

July 1, 2016

So throwing an awesome baby shower can be a tad confusing where do you start? We have a few tips for you on how to throw a great baby shower.

First of all, before anything, decide a good time that suits the expectant friend. Decide whether you want to just hold a small get to together or a lavish event. If you choose to throw it at home then that’s great, get everyone counting down to the event with the app. Set up a countdown and then the planning can commence. Head out to a crafts store and get a few decorations, Pinterest is a good place to start when looking for ideas of a theme.

The possibilities are just endless, once all the décor is sorted then its on to food ideas. So when it comes to food, maybe delegate a few things amongst friends, everyone could bring a piece of food dear to them. Or everyone could bake a cake and you could organise a baking competition for the baby shower. Now that’s the food situation sorted let’s move on to games for the night. Again Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, maybe select about 5 different games to play each different and unique. If any of the games require purchasing of items, then again maybe delegate responsibilities. You could make sure that everyone has to make the time to bring something that would make a great game for the shower. Also someone who wins the most games during the day could win something, maybe a small goody bag.

Obviously part of the day will be all about the present unwrapping, because who doesn’t love to do that. Its also noted that sometimes baby showers don’t come round often, so make sure you capture the whole day and someone in the group can be in charge of taking pictures and compile them together for a book about the whole shower. You could also make sure everyone takes a picture that day and, add yourself to a messaging group and dump the photos there. So that the person in charge of taking pictures can make a nice scrapbook. It makes for a great gift and a lovely thing to show the boy or girl when they are older.

That’s pretty much it, main point is to have fun, make the day as memorable as you can. Hope you enjoyed this how to post from us, let us know in the comments what you want to see next on the blog post.