Following and Followers

September 30, 2016

This blog tutorial will help to explain the following and followers page of Version 4.0. This tutorial applies to iOS users only.

In Version 4.0 we added a social aspect to the app. You can follow your friend’s events and also choose which ones you want to add to your timeline.

When you look at your timeline, next to your profile photo you can see a red circle with a user icon inside. Tap on that and you will see a following and followers screen if you have not added someone before you will see an information page informing you about following. If you have already followed someone you will see the bar with a plus symbol. Tap on that to enter your friend’s names and easily add them. If you want to unfollow someone then tap on the red icon on the right and you will see a pop up saying unfollow.

Also on the following screen, you can see what events they have public for you to add to your timeline, you don’t have to follow all events you choose which ones you want to see your timeline. So tap on the bar and see a list of events. If you want to find more info on it then tap on the three lines. A little something you might notice is if another user added their date of birth to the app then you will see their date of birth under their username.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.