Countdown Types Version 4.0

October 28, 2016

This tutorial will help you understand new countdown types on Version 4.0 of the app. This is for ios only. With Version 4.0 we have a whole new bunch of countdown types since we know a lot of you countdown to different types of events.

With Custom Event you can fully customise your countdown event. Countdown to an event in the past or count up to an event in the future. Birthdays & Exact Age you can keep track of birthdays and get reminded every year. Also, see the exact age from the date of birth. Goals & Achievements are good if you are planning on running the marathon, or kicking a bad habit? Keep track of your goals, and see how long ago you reached them once they are accomplished. Wedding & Anniversaries you can countdown to the big day, and get reminded of your anniversary every year afterwards. Trips and Vacations are good if you are planning a trip with loved ones. Do it together!

Baby Arrival are good if you want to track to your baby due date. Include countdown to baby showers and other baby announcements.Sporting Events are good to countdown to the Olympics, world cup or when your favourite team is playing next! Movies and TV shows are perfect if you don’t want to miss a premiere of your favourite movies and TV shows. Countdown with family and friends! Graduation and keep track of how much longer you have to graduation, or even end of the current term. Shows and Concerts are great so that you don’t forget to get tickets to your favourite concert or show.

Birthdays and Exact Age are the same as they were in Version 3.0 you can choose which one you would like to use simply by tapping on the countdown option. You will see a pop-up appear and you can choose which one you want to use.

When adding any of these events, you will see pretext displayed this is all editable so just backspace it and you will be able to add your own text. Each event type has a different amount of info you need to fill out, we tailor made the event types specific to the function of the countdown.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Check out the original video here.