Back to school must haves

September 2, 2016

School is close approaching for some of you or some of you might already have gone back to school. Which is kind of crappy but, there is nothing like a good must have the blog post? We wanted to share our back to school must-haves with you.

A new term and you will be inundated with plenty of things to do, from coursework to exam prep as well. Instead of thinking and using your school planner to decide what needs to be done. To do list pads are everywhere in stationery shops. Once you get back from school you could plan out what you need to that evening.

A notebook for more important notes that you want to keep on you for any lesson would be ideal. So that you always have it on you, even when homework gets taken in. Get one that divides for different subjects, why not that extra mile. You could get different colour pens that match the tabs on the notebook.

On the topic of pencils then why not stock up on ball pens because we always end up losing a tonne of them. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a few highlighters and some really cute pen’s to add to your pencil case. If you are shopping for pens then before you head out, make sure you clear out your current pencil case.

To stay a little bit more organised and access the right sections in your notebooks you get from school, get some washi tape or colour tabs for your files. So you can jump to the right section when revising or just when you need to catch up on your notes. Plus it adds some colour to your books as well.

For shopping for items, Amazon is a solid choice for us, we find you can get cheaper items from there, things like Sharpies and such can be pricey in stationery stores. Target is great and can be full of cute stuff for school, this helps if you guys are in America. Paperchase has some cute things in their stores and at a reasonable price. Also, check out your local big supermarket, sometimes they have pretty decent stationery items even the cute stuff.

Well, that’s it for this post, do let us know what you are buying for when you get back to school. If you are counting down to your return to school then do share them with the #countdownplus we love seeing your countdowns.